This weekend I had a meeting with goats during a wedding feast on a farm. I had Grace and her goats in mind and tried to imagine how it would be to care for them. Not easy …My admiration increases even more.

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  • grace says:

    i thought i’d left a comment here??????????? not, i think. but i’m glad i came back to look again….
    i think these are the same kind of goats that we have…Nigerian Dwarves?, and i am SO happy that
    you spent some time with them…what i write will make a little more sense, maybe….
    THANK YOU for this, and i’m sorry my comment didn’t take before. maybe i forgot to click publish?
    Sometimes i’m crazy………..xoxo

    • perlhuhn says:

      O Grace, I wouldn´t call you crazy. As a mom of ( how many ) goats there is a lot of turbulence in your life, I think. So every thing is fine, thanks for looking :-)

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