Perlhuhn (Die Mutter / the mother)

Nach vielen Jahren ausfüllender Berufstätigkeit habe ich jetzt im Ruhestand Zeit meine anderen Fähigkeiten auszuprobieren. Nähen, sticken, häkeln, stricken, zeichnen, malen – meine Interessen sind vielfältig, meine Ideen zahlreich und meine Begeisterung bisher unerschöpflich.

Ich lebe  im Südwesten Deutschlands.

After many years leading a fulfilling professional life I have retired. Now there is a lot of time for my other interests, such as sewing, embroidering, crocheting, knitting, drawing ..

I live  in the southwest of Germany.

Translated, Perlhuhn means: guinea fowl. But who wants to know that… I will translate it as pearlhen.


Sugardumplin’ (Die Tochter / the daughter)

I have enjoyed crafting and sewing for quite a while, but it’s only now that I am starting to find the time and confidence to do more. This blog is something excitingly new for me and I am curious about where it will lead me. There are so many wonderful creative blogs out there that I just would love to become part of that positive energy.

I am living in Germany’s capital, which is a wonderful place for crafts and fashion and I have only started to explore it in that way.
Other than that: I looooooooove Trinidad & Tobago and I looooooooove eating Hamburgers